Treating chronic pain with massage

Experiencing chronic pain can be extremely challenging, as it not only drains your energy levels but also affects your emotional well-being. Over time, pain can take on a life of its own, persisting even after the original issue has been addressed. Fortunately, massage therapy offers a valuable approach to managing chronic pain.

The cycle of pain functions as a chain, with each event in the chain reinforcing the next. Illness, injury, and stress can all initiate this chain reaction, and if each stage intensifies due to additional factors, the problem can become persistent and ongoing.

chronic pain treatment

Massagetherapie kan spierpijn verminderen

For individuals experiencing muscle pain or tension, even simple tasks can become challenging and exhausting. This can make exercising much more difficult as well. However, exercise is crucial for maintaining mobility and improving circulation. When exercise is neglected and circulation is poor, it can lead to a condition called adhesions, where the tissues surrounding the muscles stick together, further impeding movement and causing additional pain.

If muscle tension is a result of stress, overuse, or repetitive activities, it can be quite painful. Tense muscles are more prone to injury, and the surrounding muscles automatically contract, creating an ongoing situation if the underlying issue remains unresolved. This is how muscle tension can spread and potentially affect the nerves, leading to symptoms like numbness.

Contracted muscles have limited capacity to hold fluid, which in turn disrupts circulation. As a result, waste products accumulate in the body systems, leading to fatigue and soreness. Consequently, trigger points can develop within the muscles and the connecting fascia tissues, causing pain to be felt in other areas of the body. This is why individuals with hip problems, for example, may experience pain in their legs.

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