Massage Policy

Welcome to Millennium Thai Massage, where we intend to provide professional and therapeutic services in a relaxing and friendly environment tailored to your needs. We are committed to offering all our clients an outstanding and unique experience.

Considering our therapists’ and your time, we have established the following policies and procedures for your first-time and repeat visits.

      Arrival at Your Massage Treatment
  • Make sure to arrive at least 10 minutes before your appointment’s starting time. This will give you enough time to fill out any necessary client forms, change and prepare for your service. Since all treatment sessions have a specific schedule, arriving early will ensure a relaxed and unhurried experience. If you are unavoidably late, your service may be shortened to keep on schedule, and the original treatment time may be charged.
      Cancellation Policy and Fees
  • We value your business and have reserved your therapy times exclusively for you. Please respect our office scheduling policies by notifying us at least 24 hours before you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Clients who miss appointments without prior notification will be charged full for the scheduled session. Any service cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will cost you a cancellation fee. We understand that unforeseen events may arise, and we encourage you to call us if you need to change your appointment.
       Late Arrival Policy
  • All treatment sessions are scheduled for specific times, and unfortunately, late arrivals may not receive an extension of their scheduled appointments. If our schedule allows, we may accommodate a partial or full appointment in special cases, only with correct, advanced notification of your late arrival. We reserve the right to charge the original reservation fee.
      No Show Policy
  • We understand that unanticipated situations occur in everyone’s life. If you cannot keep your appointment, call us to notify us. Clients who miss appointments without prior notification may cost you full for the scheduled service.
  • Before each massage session, our therapists will discuss the treatment plan with you. Read and sign our treatment consent form, indicating that you comprehend and agree to comply with our professional massage therapy policies and procedures. Clients who have not visited us for at least a year may also be required to complete this form.
      Scope of Practice
  • Our licensed professionals are held to the highest standards of the massage therapy profession. Massage therapy, acupuncture, and reflexology involve manual techniques and may include adjunctive therapies to affect our client’s health and well-being positively. However, our therapists do not diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions, and we may refer you to a medical doctor for diagnosis or treatment. Our services are not intended to be an alternative to proper medical attention for specific conditions, so please consult a medical doctor for any conditions requiring medical treatment.
      Respect for Client Needs and Boundaries
  • To ensure that everyone feels comfortable and at ease, we expect all clients to follow certain decorum guidelines while on our premises. Clients must conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful and appropriate towards our staff and other clients. This includes refraining from using any language or engaging in any behavior that is discriminatory, offensive, or threatening. In addition, clients must respect the personal boundaries and comfort levels of our massage therapists at all times. We will provide clear guidelines to our clients upon arrival at our center, including information about appropriate clothing, conduct during the massage, and any other relevant policies. We ask that clients read and abide by these guidelines for the duration of their visit.
       Payment Policy
  • At MillenniumThai Massage, we accept various forms of payment, including credit/debit cards, cash, and gift cards. Payment is due at the time of any service, and we do not provide credit or billing services. We do not collect your credit card information for future use and will not charge your card without your consent.
      Gratuity Policy
  • Gratuity is not a part of our service prices. While it is not required, it is customary to leave a gratuity for your therapist if you are satisfied with their service and the amount is up to you. You may leave cash or add the gratuity to your credit card payment at the end of your appointment.
      Mobile Phone Policy
  • To ensure a relaxing environment for all guests, please turn off your cell phone or turn it on silent mode while at the therapy centre. If you have an urgent call, please step outside the treatment room to avoid disturbing other guests.
      Health Conditions and Medications
  • You must inform your therapist of any health conditions, injuries, or medications you are taking before your appointment. This will help us tailor your treatment to your needs and ensure your safety. If you have concerns about whether massage therapy is safe for you, please consult your doctor before scheduling an appointment.
     Child Policy
  • We do not provide childcare services and ask that you only bring children to your appointment if they receive a service. If you must bring a child, please ensure they are well-behaved and can quietly occupy themselves during your appointment. Please note that children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
      Feedback Policy
  • We value your feedback and strive to provide exceptional service. Please let us know if you have any concerns or suggestions about your treatment or our policies. We welcome your feedback and will do our best to address any issues promptly.
     Violence Policy
  • At MillenniumThai Massage, we provide a safe and respectful environment for all clients and employees. We have a zero-tolerance policy for violence, aggression, or harassment. Any individual who engages in such behaviour will be asked to leave immediately, and we may involve the authorities if necessary. Additionally, any client who engages in violent or aggressive behaviour will be banned from our facility, and we may press charges against them. We reserve the right to take necessary action to ensure our clients and employees’ safety and well-being.

By scheduling an appointment with Millennium Thai Massage, you acknowledge and agree to these policies and procedures. We look forward to providing you with a relaxing and therapeutic experience.